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Hello! I am Eleana Antonopoulou, a pattern designer specializing in leather bags, wallets and other accessories. Additionally, I create unique wooden stamps and offer tools for leathercrafting!. My journey with leather began unexpectedly in 2012, during my Architectural Engineering studies at Polytechnic University in Crete. There, I honed my design skills and gained expertise in various digital tools and model-making. Over the years, through artistry, experimentation, and learning from mistakes, I developed my distinctive approach to designing and manufacturing. Innovating leather dyeing techniques further distinguished my products, capturing public attention and interest through social media. Engaging with fellow leather artisans, I grasped industry needs and shortcomings. In 2019, I transformed my hobby into a profession, establishing the Eleana Workshop in Kavala along with the corresponding website! Today, my business caters to leather craftsmen, both professionals and enthusiasts, worldwide!

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